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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Bitten by Kelley Armstrong was the reason I really started reading supernatural/paranormal fiction.  Sorry, folks, it wasn’t Twilight.  It is the first book in the Women of the Otherworld series.  Ms. Armstrong created a world where werewolves actually exist.  Elena Michaels is the only female werewolf in this secret world.  Her struggle for acceptance within the Pack and within herself runs throughout this remarkable novel.  Don’t worry; there is also lots of suspense, action and sexual tension that you won’t want to put it down.

Bitten opens with Elena living independently from the Pack.  One day she gets a mysterious call from the Pack Alpha, Jeremy, that she is needed at home.  Non-Pack werewolves have invaded Jeremy’s territory and he needs Elena to help hunt them down.   Elena is unable to resist the pull and goes home to find… Clayton Danvers waiting for her.  The sexual tension between the two is immediate due to the fact that they have quite a history and Elena is unable to forgive him.  Forgive for what?!  No spoilers here.  You will have to read to find out!

Elena is constantly struggling with who she is.  After growing up in the foster system, she dreamed of having a normal life with a loving family.  However, Clayton changed everything.  Now she is a werewolf and has to live according to Pack rules which are hierarchical, strict and severe.  She will have to adjust her idea of family and what she truly wants.  Throughout Bitten, you feel her anger, angst and indecision. 

I have to say that I love Clayton Danvers.  Bitten as a child, Clayton is more wolf than human.  He is loyal beyond reason to Jeremy and the Pack.  Like a wolf he mates for life.  And the mate he has chosen is Elena whether she wants to be or not.   The dynamic between Elena and Clayton is addicting.  You want them to have an happily ever after but they can’t quite get there. Elena wants boundaries and Clayton doesn’t understand boundaries or privacy when it comes to his mate.  The clashes and the compromises are fun to watch.

While Elena and Clayton are in constant conflict, Jeremy is the calming force in the Pack.  As Alpha, Jeremy Danvers in is total control and always protecting his Pack.    Jeremy was the one who found Clayton as a child and brought him into the Pack.  Jeremy was the one who helped Elena deal with the devastating transition from human to werewolf.  Elena wants him to be the father figure that she never had.  But as Alpha, Jeremy is unable to show Elena the emotion she so desires. 

Kelley Armstrong doesn’t like to end her books with a cliffhanger.  However, because of the strength of the characters she created you want to keep reading each new book to actually see if the happily ever after is realized.   There are thirteen novels in the Women in the Otherworld series along with numerous novellas.  I highly recommend that you clear your calendar because once you start the series you won’t want to stop.


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