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Monday, May 28, 2012

Raised By Wolves

I'm always trying to find a good werewolf series and the Raised by Wolves series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes really hit the spot. What's even better is that Ms. Barnes is a fellow Oklahoman like myself and I always like to support Oklahoma authors. This series is considered Young Adult (YA) fiction. If you haven't tried YA fiction, you really need to. Raised By Wolves is a great example of good story without all the adult sexual content. Sometimes I think all the sexual content in urban fantasy books can really bog down the story.

 Raised By Wolves is about young teenage girl, Bryn, who is literally raised by a pack of werewolves. She found herself in the Pack due to the fact that her parents were brutually murdered by a "rabid" werewolf. Callum, the Pack Alpha, rescued her from being attacked herself and brought her to live within the pack. However, she never really fits in. Besides from being human, she is very strong, rebellious, and independent which I love in a character. She is always going head-to-head with Callum.

 I really love the way Ms. Barnes sets up this series. Bryn is a wonderful character who is determined to understand her place in the Pack. Her relationship with Callum is complicated and and somewhat endearing. Her love for Callum is at odds with her distrust and her rebellion against the him and the Pack. You can feel the conflict mounting throughout the book.

 Besides Callum, Bryn has a strong bond with Devon, another werewolf her own age. They are best friends who will do just about anything for each other. Everything pretty much goes haywire when Bryn discovers Chase. Secrets are unearthed and rise with an explosion that will change everyone's life. Bonds will be broken and new ones will be made.

 I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed and you like them. You feel the struggle of each character and you want to turn the page to find out how that struggle will be resolved. Thanks Ms. Barnes for a really good read.


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