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Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Tempting Danger

Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks (World of the Lupi #1)
Publisher:  Berkley Sensation
Released: 2004
Format:    Ebook, 301 pages
Genre:      Urban Fantasy

From Goodreads:

Lily Yu is a Sand Diego police detective investigating a series of grisly murders that appear to be the work of a werewolf. To hunt down the killer, she must infiltrate the clans. Only one man can help her- a were named Rule Turner, a prince of the lupi, whose charismatic presence disturbs Lily. Rule has his own reason for helping the investigation- reasons he doesn’t want to share with Lily. Logic and honor demand she keep her distance, but the attraction between them is immediate and devastating- and beyond human reason. Now, in a race to fend off evil, Lily finds herself in uncharted territory, tested as never before, and at her back a man who she’s not sure she can trust.

The World of the Lupi is yet another take on the werewolf story. This series has a very different understanding of the werewolf world. The terminology is different from other books and it took me awhile to adjust to it. Instead of Alpha, the werewolves from each clan are ruled by a Rho. I haven’t done any research to see if any of this is based in myth or legend, but it seemed very strange to me. I couldn’t totally buy into it. Most of the werewolf books that I have read stayed with the basics of Alpha and Pack. Here you have Rho and clans. Packs are for werewolves who are out of control and more wolf than human which I find to be very strange concepts. Lupi, as werewolves as known, are magical beings who were made and guided by the Lady (not really sure what she is).

Like most urban fantasy novels, you have a strong female character at the center of the story and Lily Yu is definitely strong. In Tempting Danger, Lily has a special ability that she keeps hidden from her co-workers; however, she secretly uses it in her work to find things that other investigators can’t. She is a sensitive who can feel different kinds of magic in other people. Lily has her quirks. She has a difficult time accepting anything that isn’t based in fact and logic. However, she has always been surrounded by magic but she constantly asks questions and analyzes everything. The author uses Lily inquisitive nature to reveal and further the plot. At times, it got a little bit annoying.

Rule Turner is the Lu Nuncio (another strange concept) of the Nokolai Clan. The Lu Nuncio is considered to be heir-apparent to the Rho. He is your typical hot, controlling lupus (never call them a werewolf. It is considered derogatory). Once Rule and Lily meet, they are bonded by the Lady which is a lot like imprinting (Twilight). Rule is much more accepting of the bond; however, Lily fights it tooth and nail. The bond is very restrictive and for a while they are pretty much attached to the hip. For the fiercely independent Lily, this is unacceptable. Basically, Rule and Lily are forced to be together. One is accepting and the other isn’t. Not a good way to start a relationship. I found the bond a little too difficult to believe. But has the series developed, I was able to accept it.

My favorite character in the book is Cullen Seagrave. He’s a clanless lupus who also happens to be a stripper and a close friend to Rule. He provided some well-placed comic relief.  The Lupi are portrayed as very sensual and very prolific is their sexual activities. Cullen is the perfect representation of that portrayal. One more thing, he’s a sorcerer as well. He definitely can make things interesting.

I know I sounded kind of negative, but overall I did like this book. I have read all of books in the series so far. There are eight total. Mortal Ties (#9) will be released later this year. I would only recommend this series if you truly love werewolf novels, which I do. I’m always trying to find a new series.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


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