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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why I love to read: My Comfy Reading Blanket

Why I Love to Read

I’ve been thinking for a while of starting either a weekly series. However, I’ve had some difficulty deciding on what to write about. So many bloggers have wonderful weekly memes on what they currently reading, what they are waiting for, and what they just bought, borrowed, or given. My creativity for something new was extremely lacking. But then, I thought, keep it simple. Just ask a simple question, why do I love to read sooo much. As I was thinking about it, I found that it’s not an easy question to answer. It could be different on any given day or even hour. Sometimes, I read just to read because I feel like I have to or I’ve had a bad day and I want to escape from the world.  There are so many reasons and I now I want to share those reasons with you. In return, I hope you leave lots of comments on why you love to read!

My Comfy Reading Blanket

Do you have a comfy blanket that you have to have before you lose yourself in a book? I do! It’s a lovely, navy blue plaid heated blanket that I got for Christmas. My sister-in-law picked it out for our Dirty Santa Christmas with me in mind. It is so warm and cozy that I just curl up and don’t move except to turn or flip a page of my book.

Another great part of my comfy blanket is that my girls love it too. Once I sit on the couch, spread it out and turn up the heat, I have two little girls on either side of me. Sometimes I have one on my lap which makes reading a little challenging; however, it’s pretty sweet all the same. My youngest likes to turn up the heat all the way and before we know it it’s pretty darn warm. Everybody has to get up and go to another room to cool off. Then it’s right back to the comfy blanket with the heat on full blast. It’s a crazy cycle!

However, there are times when I have the entire couch to myself. I go to the end and snuggle against the arm and wrap that comfy blanket around me. I, either, pick up my book or my Kindle and start to read. It’s like eating comfort food. It feels so good! After a while it doesn’t feel like I’m reading words anymore. I see the story building in my mind and I snuggle deeper in my comfy blanket. It’s such a wonderful way to spend your day!

My comfy blanket is pretty popular in my house. Sometimes I will find my husband lying on the couch taking a nap with one of our kitties, Harry Potter. Pretty sweet! Other times, both girls will be snuggled under it playing games on my IPhone or IPad.  I wish they would read while using it. Maybe I should make that a rule if anyone wants to borrow my comfy blanket: MUST READ TO USE COMFY BLANKET.

Anyway, that’s why I love to read this week. Do you have a comfy blanket? Why do you love to read? I would love to know!


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