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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why I Love to Read: Snowy Days

Why I Love to Read

Snowy Days

Why Do I love to read? Snowy days! Yesterday, in Norman, OK, we got a nice coating of snow. It left the ground and trees with a couple of inches of pretty fluffy flakes. On days like these all I want to do is curl up of my couch with my comfy reading blanket and dig into a good book. Every once in a while I will look out the window to see the pretty flakes coating the ground. On the table next to me will be a steaming cup of hot zen green tea and on the other side of the couch sits my hubby reading on his iPad. Doesn't that sound heavenly?!

Wait! Enter screaming kids saying, “I’m bored!” My Eden has been disturbed; but only for a couple of moments. I say back “why don’t you read a book?” “That’s a great idea, mommy!” My seven year old will pick up a Dork Diaries book and my five year will pick up a princess reader. We all snuggle together on the couch under my comfy reading blanket. Once again, doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Wait! Enter the dogs, Layla and Ringo, and jump right in the middle of our Eden. Another disruption!! However, all they want to do is find a warm and cozy place to have a little nap. Now on the couch under the comfy reading blanket are mommy, daddy, two little girls and two sweet doggies. I wish my cats could join us but the dogs will go absolutely crazy. Doesn't this sound like a little bit of Heaven. It does to me!

The little scenario above rarely happens at my house; but on that rare occasion when all the snowy stars are aligned, my idea of a perfect snowy day will actually happen - my family sitting on the couch, warm and cozy, reading our favorite books while watching the snow fall.

That’s why I love to read!


  1. :) LOVE that! When it's cold and snowy out a lot of people get excited to ski or use their snow machines. I get excited to have a great excuse to snuggle up with a book :)


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