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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review: Angel Unraveled

In Angel Unraveled by Tamela Buhrke, I found a gem of a book. It's the first book in the Watcher series. I really enjoyed every page. It has very likable characters and fast-paced plot. As the title indicates, you might think this just another angel series. But, in fact, it has vampires and demons as well. Plus there there was a little tease for fairies and shapeshifters.

The story is from the perspective of Andi Andreas, psychic neophyte. She is not comfortable with what she thinks are her newly acquired powers. She continually fights with herself on how to live with her psychic abilities. I really like Andi. She is different from other urban fantasy heroines. She's not the typical hardcore warrior type that is often portrayed in many UF novels. Don't get me wrong, I do like those characters, but Andi is someone you can identify with. She gets frustrated, freaked out and completely overwhelmed with what she has to face. When Andi is thrust into the supernatural world she basically has a complete meltdown. Like with most people, she has a difficult time accepting it. However, eventually she does and finds herself trying to prevent a vampire and demon war.

Throughout the book, Andi is slowly discovering who she really is. Ms. Buhrke did a great job putting you in Andi's head. I felt every emotion throughout her journey. I felt her anger, distrust and confusion.

Another fun part of the book is the potential love interests. I found this is not your typical paranormal romance. It's not a boy meets girls kind of story. Andi has several suitors and she is attracted to them all, one more than others. Who will she end up with? Who knows! We will have to read more of the series to find out.

Overall, I really like the first book in this new series. Ms. Buhrke introduced some good characters and storylines. It will be fun watching the new stories unfold. Next up, Angel Unprepared.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


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