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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: The Color of Heaven

TheColor of Heaven (Color Trilogy #3)
Writtenby Kim Dong Hwa
Publishedby First Second
Firstpublished in 2003


A celebrationof the triumph of true love.

As Ehwa grewfrom a girl to a young woman in The Color of Earth and The Color of Water, shebegan to understand and experience love and relationships, with her mother as amodel and confidante. Now, in the heartwarming conclusion to this lyricallywritten and delicately drawn trilogy, Ehwa’s true love comes at last, and asher mother looks on, she takes the final steps towards becoming an adult.

What a beautiful ending to an amazing story! Ehwa’s final journey into womanhood is lovely to behold. Her journey is filled with longing and loneliness. Throughout,The Color of Heaven, she bonds with her mother over love and waiting for that love. Their conversations on their porch watching the village entrance are incredibly intimate. Each are watching and waiting for their loves to return tothem.

Ehwa’s mother is so wise and she tries to impart that wisdom on her daughter.Throughout the trilogy, I felt great sympathy for the mother. She is a widow but has fallen in love with a traveling salesman, the Picture Man. She is constantly watching the village entrance for his unpredictable return. While her heart is missing her love, she has to teach Ehwa how to love and live her life with honor.

Atthe end, Ehwa is only seventeen years old and preparing for her wedding. She travels through her home village and reminisces over her young life. She says good-bye to former loves and her life. It is so bittersweet. But she is ready to be with her true love. Hwa portrays Ehwa’s wedding night in some detail.There is some nudity but it is a sweet love scene. However, watch out for the old couple. That wasn’t very appealing to see.

If you have never read any kind of graphic novel, I highly recommend that you start with this trilogy. It is so sweet, beautiful and full of love and life.


  1. Great review! I'm reading this one right now I love this series. I wish there were more than just the three of them but they're so well written I guess she had to end it before it lost steam.
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. I hope our library has this, I really want to read it. - Braine


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