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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: The Color of Water

The Color of Water (Color Trilogy #2)
Written by Kim Dong Hwa
Published by First Second
First published in 2003
310 pages
Graphic Novel


When Ehwa goes to the town festival, she meets a handsome young wrestler named Duksam who’s eager to catch her eye. After he wins the festival wrestling championship, he and Ehwa begin to meet, sneaking spare moments to be together. But a shadow falls on their romance when Master Cho sends Duksam away and asks for Ehwa’s hand in marriage himself. It is then that Ehwa discovers the pain of heartbreak – and that love is always complicated.

In the second book novel in the Color Trilogy, Ehwa continues her journey of becoming a young woman and finding her true love. She is discovering her new body and her sexuality. If you are reading this with your child, you should know that there is a masturbation scene but it is not graphic. It is just Ehwa continuing on her path to womanhood.

This book is, also, about the relationship between a mother and daughter. Ehwa’s mother yearns for her own love while at the same time educating Ehwa on first love. Her mother is trying to teach Ehwa how to love with all your heart but without bringing shame to her. It is a very fine line. The love between a man and a woman is described so beautifully. Hwa uses the imagery of flowers and butterflies throughout the book to illustrate love in its purest form. The black and white illustrations are amazing and depict the emotions so beautifully.

There is what I call some girl drama between Ehwa and her friend Bonsoon. Their bickering and petty jealousies are typical for teenagers. It is really amazing how Hwa is able to capture the feelings of teenage girls. He really captures the heart of young girls and he understands their insecurities and curiosity.

For me, The Color Trilogy is a wonderful introduction in the graphic novel genre. I can’t wait to read more with The Color of Heaven and find more to enjoy!


  1. I still havent read any graphic novels yet...
    i just feel like i wouldnt be able to get into them, because its so far out of my comfort zone...
    Great review and Im glad you enjoyed it


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